Our measures

Our measures #stayconnected


1.) Opening hours of the Hit Universe of Fun casinos:

From Monday, 21 June, all working casinos and entertainment centres Hit Universe of Fun will be again open NON-STOP (24/7).

An exception is the Park casino, which is open Mondays to Thursdays from 9am to 3am, and from Fridays to Sundays non-stop. Another exception is the Aurora casino, which welcomes its guests daily from 9am to 3am.

At the moment they are still open at limited hours of operation:
7am – 10pm (except the Park casino: Monday – Friday: 9am – 10pm, weekend: 7am – 10pm)

2.) Are the Hit Universe of Fun centres, hotels, and restaurants open?

    At the moment almost all of the Hit Universe of Fun centres are open:
  • Perla, Resort & Entertainment
  • Park, Hotel & Entertainment
  • Aurora, Restaurant & Entertainment
  • Mond, Resort & Entertainment
  • Korona, Resort & Entertainment
  • Alpine Resort Špik
  • Casino Drive-in
  • Sabotin, Restaurant and Hotel
  • Bistro Lipa (the Lipa Hotel remains closed for the moment)

3.) What conditions do I have to fulfill in order to visit the casinos, restaurants, spa centres or hotels?

On terraces and in summer gardens food and beverage is served without the need to display any kind of certificate, whereby no more that 4 adult persons. Only seated guests are served and the number of seats is limited.

Indoor restaurant premises, casinos, spa centres and hotels are allowed to welcome guests who present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test for COVID-19 that is not older than 48 hours, a certificate of recovery from COVID-19 or a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19. More detail →

The above condition does not apply to persons under the age of 18, who stay in the accommodation facility or indoor restaurant premises with their immediate family or guardians.

3.) What conditions must legal persons meet in order to be served or offered accommodation?

The above conditions (item 2) do not apply to persons who need accommodation or restaurant service for business reasons. Thus if you are a legal person and stay in a hotel or eat at a restaurant on a legal person's account, you do not need any special certificate.

Nevertheless, wearing a mask and observing basic hygiene standards (hand disinfection, maintenance of safety distance etc.) is mandatory in all our establishments.

4.) What are at present the conditions for crossing the borders?

As the conditions for entry to Slovenia are subject to continuous change, we recommend you to get the most current information on the official web site of the Republic of Slovenia.

5.) Government restrictions and advice regarding travel to Slovenia:

All the up-to-date information regarding the current situation of the epidemic in Slovenia and travel to Slovenia are available on the official web site of the Republic of Slovenia.

For both your and our safety we have prepared numerous security measures, adapted our work protocols, and our services:


In all our premises we expect our guests and employees to maintain a safetydistance from persons that do not live in their same household. Wherever possible we have ensured social distancing through the arrangement of gaming devices, furniture or mechanical shielding. At all passageways, in waiting queues and at other gathering points we have placed appropriate signs and increased surveillance by our staff, who will gently remind visitors of social distancing.


Wearing a mask is obligatory for guests and employees. Also in all open public areas, e.g. the Open Air Casino, it is obligatory wearing a mask, if a safe distance between guests cannot be maintained.


Hit in general has high hygiene standards and strict cleaning protocols, but in the current situation these have been further upgraded. Guests have at their disposal at all key points, e.g. entrances and exits, as well as contact points between persons, disinfectant diffuser pumps. Hand disinfection is obligatory. Gaming devices and other equipment are also cleaned on a regular basis.


Ventilation and exchange of fresh air have been maximized. Air conditioning devices are also properly disinfected and serviced on a regular basis.


There will be rules of conduct, such as social distancing, how to wear a mask correctly, disinfecting hands, etc. displayed in all the key spots throughout the premises. Both employees and guests are requested to comply with these rules.


We have prepared a clear protocol for employees to avoid an eventual spread of infection in case an infection with COVID-19 is confirmed in one of the guests or an employee or if there is a reasonable suspect of an infection.


We have adapted our business protocols for your safety; personal contacts are now limited as much as possible, so some services have been temporarily adapted, while others are carried out to a limited extent or have been cancelled. A summary of the main changes or adaptations to the processes is available in the section what to expect during your visit.