Our measures

Our measures #stayconnected


1.) What conditions do I have to fulfill in order to visit the casinos, restaurants, spa centres, conference centres or hotels?

No restrictions due to Covid-19 apply when entering our premises and using our services (the RVT - recovered/vaccinated/tested condition no longer has to be met).

However, for your and our safety, the use of a face mask (FFP2 or surgical) is still mandatory and the preventive measures, such as disinfection and social distancing are still to be respected.

2.) What are at present the conditions for crossing the borders?

Currently no restrictions due to Covid-19 apply when entering Slovenia.
However, as the conditions for entry to Slovenia are subject to continuous change, we recommend you to get the most current information on the official web site of the Republic of Slovenia.

3.) Government restrictions and advice regarding travel to Slovenia: 

All the up-to-date information regarding the current situation of the epidemic in Slovenia and travel to Slovenia are available on the official web site of the Republic of Slovenia.

For both your and our safety we have prepared numerous security measures, adapted our work protocols, and our services:


Both employees and guests in the casinos, restaurants, bars, accommodation facilities, spas, and conference area must wear a chirurgical or an FFP2 mask (no cloth masks).

Masks are also required in outdoor public spaces, for example in the open air casino, if a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other guests cannot be maintained.


Hit in general has high hygiene standards and strict cleaning protocols, but in the current situation these have been further upgraded. Guests have at their disposal at all key points, e.g. entrances and exits, as well as contact points between persons, disinfectant diffuser pumps. Hand disinfection is obligatory. Gaming devices and other equipment are also cleaned on a regular basis.


We recommend that you keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from people who do not live in your household.


Ventilation and exchange of fresh air have been maximized. Air conditioning devices are also properly disinfected and serviced on a regular basis.


There will be rules of conduct, such as social distancing, how to wear a mask correctly, disinfecting hands, etc. and information on entry conditions displayed in all the key spots throughout the premises. Both employees and guests are requested to comply with these rules.