Social-minded behaviour for a more friendly future

Social responsibility is often equalled with the amount of financial means allocated to sponsorship projects and donations. The basis of socially responsible action is hidden deeper, in real, life connections and the integration of daily company business in both natural and wider social environment. Last but not least a sign of social responsibility is also the fact that the company employs over 1,500 persons.

The Hit Company has implemented numerous innovations and changes in its environment, and observably influenced not only its very image, but also its very life. It has become the motor of tourism development, the momentum of culture and entertainment, a responsible business partner and reliable employer. These are the values our company wishes to maintain in the future as well.

In the last few years the financial inputs of the Hit Company in sponsorships and donations were substantially limited. The policy of big sponsorship projects and aid, which partly created dependency of clubs from one financial source, is no longer part of the social responsibility strategy. In the last few years we also confined ourselves geographically to the areas where the business premises of the Hit Company are located. Our main policy is supporting and encouraging work with young people in the area of sport.