Data Protection Policy

Privacy and Data Protection
HIT d.d. Nova Gorica is aware that the right to privacy is one of the basic human rights, therefore we respect our customers’ privacy and handle their personal data responsibly, carefully and in accordance with the applicable legislation in force in the Republic of Slovenia and the company’s internal acts. 

HIT d.d. Nova Gorica only collects data from visitors on a voluntary basis and does not require users to provide information as a condition for visiting its websites.

We carefully protect the personal data collected through our websites and we do not transmit the data to third persons.

HIT d.d. Nova Gorica uses personal data for the following purposes:

  • to provide visitors with the requested information;
  • to improve the user experience in regard to our services and our website;
  • to inform about services, novelties and offers, if visitors gave their explicit consent or subscribed to receiving news;
  • to ensure the safe use of services.

To prevent any unauthorized access to personal data and to ensure proper usage, we use appropriate technical and organizational procedures to ensure their protection.

Learn more about the personal data protection implemented by HIT d.d. Nova Gorica in our Data Protection Policy.

Some HIT d.d. Nova Gorica websites download individual information, which we call “cookies”, to the visitor’s device.  Cookies can tell us how and which websites people visit and the number of said visits. This technology does not collect data that could identify an individual visitor to the website. The information is stored in a combined form. The purpose of the technology and the information given is to improve our website. The Cookies Policy is valid for all HIT d.d. Nova Gorica websites.

More about cookies.

Limited Liability  
HIT d.d. Nova Gorica is not liable for the use of websites that are offered by the company, its subsidiaries and affiliates and is not liable for the occasional non-functioning of the websites, potential inaccuracy of data and for potential damage that would occur due to the use of inaccurate or incomplete information.