The Hit Group is one of the largest providers of entertainment in Europe. In 35 years, a complex gaming and tourism group devoted to its guests, their wishes and high-quality offer for spending of free time has developed.

Slogan of the company HIT d.d. Nova Gorica, “Welcome to the Universe of Fun” is its basic message and invitation for guests to enter the world of fun featuring plenty of modern ways for spending of free time, which provide pleasure, relaxation and entertainment for everyone.
The energy we spend each day to satisfy our customers is summarised in our brands – in the corporate identity as well as in each single brand of our facilities. The corporate visual identity represents this energy with its dynamics and colourfulness.


With proficiency, professionalism and entrepreneurship we creatively develop a top selection of game and accompanying services available to the wider public and aimed at offering fun, relaxation and entertainment.


Hit Universe of Fun
The corporate brand Hit Universe of Fun incorporates all the fields of activity of the Hit Group. These fields represent several modern leisure activities to ensure guests a wide selection of high-quality excitement.   The common denomination is entertainment; be it through exciting play at the slot machines, gaming tables or online casino, at concerts or other spectacles, through the rich gourmet offer, spas, and hotel pampering.

The Hit Universe of Fun chain encompasses:
The Perla, Resort & Entertainment
The Park, Hotel & Entertainment
The Korona, Resort & Entertainment
The Aurora, Restaurant & Entertainment
The Mond, Resort & Entertainment
The Coloseum Club, Casinò & Entertainment
The Casinò Fontana
The Casinò Drive-in The Hotel Lipa
The Hotel Sabotin
The Špik, Alpine Resort

The premises of the affiliate company Hit Larix d.d. are:
The Casinò Larix The Kamp Špik
Gostilna Bor

The affiliate company Hit Alpinea d.o.o. owns the following establishments, which are also represented under the Hit Alpinea umbrella trademark:
The Hotel Kompas
The Ramada, Hotel & Suites
The Ramada Resort
Apartmaji Vitranc

The rich offer is further complemented by:
The Hittours travel agency 


Family-friendly Company On 15 March 2013 HIT d.d. Nova Gorica was awarded the certificate of Family-friendly Company, thereby joining the over 140 Slovenian companies and organisations which have since 2006 joined the procedure. The awarding procedure is managed by the Ekvilib Institute and supported by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, and by the European Social Fund.

A project group consisting of HIT employees, along with an external Adviser, selected the actions for improving the organisation and work environment to enable the employees to integrate work and private life more easily. These actions pertain to the area of working time management, information and communication policy, managerial skills, HR development and structure of payment and remuneration of achievements.

The project group had a hard time acquiring this certificate, because they had to consider the diverse structure of company employees, numerous work processes and the actual company possibilities.

Our targets:

  • Higher level of employee satisfaction;
  • Less sick leaves;
  • Decreased fluctuation;
  • Increased motivation for work, productivity and commitment to work;
  • Creating a feeling of affiliation;
  • Strengthening the company reputation in the environment

By March 2016 the Hit Company applied 11 measures, thereby acquiring the full certificate Family-friendly Company. The applied measures were:

I. Time bonus for children – entry in school and nursery;
II. Communication with employees;
III. Communication with the general public;
IV. Research among employees regarding work and family integration;
V. Brochures;
VI. Philosophy/ principles of management;
VII. Education of Managers on work and family integration;
VIII. Advertising equal opportunities;
IX. Scholarships for children of Hit employees;
X. Gift for newborn children;
XI. Leisure time activities

Certificate Family friendly company