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HIT GROUP | Corporation identity, Mission, Trademarks


The Hit Group is one of the largest providers of entertainment in Europe. In 30+ years, a complex gaming and tourism group devoted to its guests, their wishes and high-quality offer for spending of free time has developed.

Slogan of the company Hit, d. d., “Welcome to the Universe of Fun” is its basic message and invitation for guests to enter the world of fun featuring plenty of modern ways for spending of free time, which provide pleasure, relaxation and entertainment for everyone.
The energy we spend each day to satisfy our customers is summarised in our brands – in the corporate identity as well as in each single brand of our facilities. The corporate visual identity represents this energy with its dynamics and colourfulness.


Soustvarjamo doživetja in priložnosti
With proficiency, professionalism and entrepreneurship we creatively develop a top selection of game and accompanying services available to the wider public and aimed at offering fun, relaxation and entertainment.


Hit Universe of Fun
The corporate brand Hit Universe of Fun incorporates all the fields of activity of the Hit Group. These fields represent various modern leisure activities to ensure guests a wide range of high-quality excitement. We have joined individual leisure activities into well-rounded thematic units, each bearing its own umbrella trademark.

Hit Casinos
In our gaming and entertainment centres, casinos, and in our slot hall, you can get your share of good fortune in a relaxed and magic atmosphere. Challenging slot machine games, shows, concerts, upscale cuisine and headline entertainment form the common denominator of all our entertainment centres, which are home to good luck and relaxed socialising.

Perla, Casinò & Hotel
Park, Casinò & Hotel
Korona, Casinò & Hotel
Aurora, Casinò & Cabaret
Mond, Casinò & Hotel
Coloseum Club, Casinò & Entertainment
Casinò Fontana
Casinò Drive-in
Casinò Larix

Hit Alpinea
The hotels and apartment complexes in Kranjska Gora, which offer a wide range of additional and accompanying services, are furnished to meet the wishes of guests who wish above all to enjoy nature, culture, sport and complete relaxation. The Alpine mountain tops offer a picture-perfect holiday setting, where you can take a respite from the ordinary in the Hit Alpinea hotels and apartment clusters, irrespective of the season.

Hotel Špik
Hotel Kompas
Ramada, Hotel & Suites
Ramada Resort
Apartmaji Vitranc

Hit, online casinò

You can choose between hotels:
Hotel Lipa
Hotel Sabotin

The offer is rounded off with:
The Hittours Travel Agency
The Hit Sport Centre