My Privilege Login

Once you have registered for the use of the Privilege Account and received the Privilege Card and other information for making the credit transfer by mail, you can transfer the means from your bank account to the Hit on your Privilege Account at your bank office or via your e-bank.

The data to do a bank transfer on your Privilege Account:

Name of the bank account holder: Hit, d. d.
Name of the bank: Nova KBM, d. d.
Address of the bank: Kidričeva ulica 11, Nova Gorica
IBAN: SI56047500001802505
Please enter the Privilege card number in the “Reference” field and your name and surname in the “Purpose of Payment” field.

Once again, we would like to remind you that you must make the deposit early enough to ensure that the funds are registered on the Hit account in time. It is recommended that you transfer the funds at least five business days prior to your arrival at the Casino regarding the procedures and rules of the operation of the system of payment services in the Republic of Slovenia and international payment services.Of course you can also deposit the means or chips and playable-only tickets on the Privilege Account in person at the casino cashier.

General business terms for privilege account: | PRINT the privilege account is a gaming deposit account with capital that can be opened at the hit company for the needs of a temporary storage of means to purchase the playable-only ticket and chips (hereinafter means for play).

  • Means on the Privilege Account do not pay interest.
  • Only person over 18 years of age can open the Privilege Account.
  • The Player can have only one Privilege Account.
  • The issue of an authorization to a third person for operating the Privilege Account is illicit.