Hit Alpinea

Company name: HIT Alpinea, družba za turizem, d.o.o.
Registered office: Borovška 99, 4280 Kranjska Gora
VAT number: SI39467481
Liable for VAT: YES
Registration number: 5001382
Industry classification: 55.100 – dejavnost hotelov in podobnih obratov
Bank account: Gorenjska banka, d. d., Kranj; 07000 0000004358 Abanka Vipa, d. d.; 05100-8011866390Nova LB, d. d.; 02068-0017737648
Share capital: 17.681.488,90 EUR
The company is registered with: The Company is registered with the Kranj regional court under the number 2005/01270;
File Number: 1/00098/00

Executive director: Milan Sajovic

Supervisory board: 
• Lilijana Sirk, president
Tomaž Repinc, vice-president
• Kovačić Boštjan, member
• Karmela Miškić, member 

In 2005 HTP Gorenjka acquired the Kompas Hoteli Kranjska Gora company and changed its name into HIT Alpinea. The company acts on the market under the umbrella trademark Hit – Hit Universe of Fun and manages 849 beds in four modern hotels and an apartment complex in the renowned tourist location Kranjska Gora. They are marketed under the brand Hit Alpinea, Kranjska Gora. One can choose among:
• Ramada Resort,
• Ramada, Hotel & Suites,
• Kompas Hotel
• Vitranc Apartments

With the merger we introduced a new organisational structure, which enables our employees to carry out their tasks more efficiently and successfully. Aside from core operating departments such as human resources, accounting, finances and purchasing, activities are also organised within the sectors of marketing, hospitality, economics and planning and analysis.

HIT Alpinea co-operates with the Disabled Persons' Sports Federation of Slovenia, the Municipality of Kranjska Gora and Infrasport in the establishment of a Slovenian and international Centre of Sports for Disabled Persons. In our region and beyond, we are able to listen to the needs of various associations and institutes and help them with their day-to-day tasks, as well as with the execution of individual projects and campaigns.

HIT Alpinea d.o.o. - mainly owned by Hit, d.d., Nova Gorica – is not a public limited company. It was created in 2005 through a merger of the two largest, crossly-owned public-limited companies in the Upper Sava Valley: HTP Gorenjka and Kompas Hoteli.


- Between 1993 and 1998, the company carried out a restructuring of its ownership framework by completing the denationalisation procedures and registering as a public limited company;

- In 2000, the restructuring of the company's programmes and operations was initiated, by setting out the company's core business, focusing exclusively on the hotel sector;

- In 2000, we completed investment in the renovation of the Garni Hotel, renamed the Apatmaji Vitranc, comprising 34 three-star suites;

- In 2001, we built a spa named Aqua Larix, encompassing a swimming pool, several saunas and the Vita Centre. In the same year, we built a large conference room at the Larix Hotel;

- In 2002, we completed an extensive renovation of the Larix Hotel, raising its quality level from three to four stars;

- In 2003, the obsolete Prisank Hotel was demolished and replaced by the four-star Grand Hotel Prisank, built in the same year; - By concentrating the company's ownership structure, in 2004 we bought the Špik Hotel in Gozd Martuljek, which also comprises the three-star Špik Camp. KOMPAS HOTELI

- In 1974, the then Kompas Jugoslavija built the Kompas Hotel next to the motel (today's dependency);

- In 1976, the company purchased the Alpina Hotel, the other hotel in Kranjska Gora;

- During the Eighties, the company managed an alpine hut named Koča na Gozdu, renovating it and returning the establishment to the Alpine Association of Kranjska Gora at the end of the decade;

- In mid-Eighties, the company bought two restaurants: Valeta in Portorož and Jasna in Kranjska Gora; the latter rebuilt in 1985. In the early Nineties, the Valeta Restaurant was sold off and the activities concentrated in Kranjska Gora;

- In 1994, the company underwent privatisation with the first initial public offering of the tourism company's shares, split into two public-limited companies: Jasna Turizem d.d. and Kompas Hoteli d.d.;

- The firm’s ownership restructuring was completed in 1995 and Kompas Hoteli operated as a public limited-liability company until the merger.