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Kobarid – Bovec destination

In the upper flow of the emerald Soča River, the most beautiful European river, in the open Bovec Basin at an elevation of 482 m above sea level, surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps, lies the tourist town of Bovec.

The landscape is a true paradise for sports enthusiasts, as here the sport represents the way of living in the summer on the Soča River and by playing tennis, horseback riding, cycling and running across the mountain bike and running paths, whereas in winter by skiing on the surrounding mountain slopes. You can also try numerous adrenaline pumping water sports on the Soča River: kayaking, canoeing, rafting, hydro speed and canyoning. Mountain hiking enthusiasts can climb the most beautiful and highest Slovenian mountains or take a walk along less demanding paths and just enjoy in the beauty of the unspoiled nature. The Soča River hides many spots, where anglers from all over the world can try to catch the renowned Soča trout.

A brand new, renovated and bigger golf course in the Soča Valley was planned to preserve all the exceptional characteristics of the natural environment. The Hit Holidays Golf Club course in Bovec, with its nine holes, is one of the most beautiful courses between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

In the 2009/2010 ski season, the renowned Kanin ski resort was connected with the Italian Sella Nevea ski resort by two cableways and a new ski slope. The ski season on the total of 30 km of ski slopes and 70 ha of surface lasts from December to the first days of May. The ski slope on the Slovenian side of the mountain is distinguished by its sunny location and a view that stretches from the heart of the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. The longest ski slope is the 5 km long descent from Sedlo to the valley with a 1,200 m altitude. The ski slopes range from an altitude of 2,300 m on the Slovenian side to 1,140 m in the valley on the Italian side.

Surrounding points of interest:
Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden in Trenta: the largest treasure of the Alpine flora in Slovenia
Mlinarica: a torrential stream, which gorge narrows down into breathtaking troughs just before its confluence with the Soča River
Information Centre of Triglav National Park Na Logu in Trenta: natural curiosities of the park and rich ethnologic heritage of the Trenta Valley
Monument to Julius Kugy: a monument to the alpinist, known as the “discoverer” of the Julian Alps
Kluže Fortress from the 15th centurybr /> Boka Waterfall: the most magnificent waterfall in the Soča Valley and the second highest waterfall in Slovenia

Kobarid Museum: a rich collection of the town’s heritage and of World War I; in 1993 it was proclaimed the Best European Museum

The highest mountain road up to the Mangartsko sedlo (2,070 m)