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Sporting Contests and Events

The name and acclaim of Kranjska Gora were taken around the world by big international events...

headed by the blue ribbon events of theWorld Cup in Alpine Skiing and Ski Jumping and Flying in Planica. Kranjska Gora and its surroundings also host numerous other events throughout the year that bring cheer and joy to this Alpine gem:

• The Vitranc Cup: Alpine SkiingWorld Cup. The slopes of the racing course beneath Vitranc host two of the most important races in Alpine skiing – slalom and giant slalom for men. Great names such as Ingemar Stenmark, Gustavo Thoeni, Alberto Tomba, Bojan Križaj, Jure Košir and many others have gone down in the history of Vitranc.

• X-plosion of Fun: a big entertainment event that coincides with and complements the Vitranc Cup. Great names of the Slovenian and foreign music scenes, spectacular dance shows and prize games all happen against a backdrop of white ski slopes ensuring unforgettable merrymaking that even the cold cannot dampen.

• Ski Jumping and FlyingWorld Cup at Planica: The valley beneath Ponce is a magnificent westernmost Slovenian valley known worldwide as the cradle of the jumping sport. It is here thatWorld Cup competitions in ski jumping and flying take place, and the valley has witnessed the achievements of more than 60 world records. The 200-metre magic barrier that was only a dream not so long ago, has now been surpassed... How far will the heroes of Planica fly this year?

• Assault on Vršič: a mass cycling event – more than 1000 cyclists take on the serpentines of the highest Slovenian mountain pass lying at an altitude of 1611 metres above sea level. Ski running competition.

• International dog sled competition.

• Traditional meeting at the tri-border area: a symbolic tribute to cooperation between nations. It takes place on the peak of Peč (1510m), which is home to a unique European tri-boarder – the meeting point of three countries (Slovenia, Italy and Austria), cultures and language groups.

• Various sports tournaments in team and individual sports (basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, martial arts etc.).